The Mutation component uses scoped slots to provide the mutation state to the slot template.


The Mutation component is renderless by default, meaning it will not render any extra HTML other than its slot.


The Mutation component accepts the following props:

querystring or DocumentNodeYesThe query to be executed

Slot Props

The Mutation component exposes a single default slot with the following properties:

dataany/nullThe GraphQL query result's data
errorCombinedErrorAny errors encountered during query execution
execute(variables: object) => Promise<OperationResult<TData>>Executes the query and returns the operation result containing data and error values
isDonebooleanSet to true when the query is executed at least once, never resets to false
isFetchingbooleanSet to true when the query is executing either by calling execute explicitly or by watch effect due to reactive variables or queries


The Mutation component does not emit any events at the moment